'Contrast' Launch Trailer Released


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Resogun may be getting all of the best PlayStation 4 launch title reviews, but it isn't the only free game PlayStaion Plus subscribers will get free on their PlayStation 4's starting tomorrow.

Indie game Contrast will also be free for PS Plus members who get their PlayStation 4's on launch day. The game is both a 3D and 2D platformer that challenges players with puzzles based around a shadow mechanic. Players will have the ability to shift in and out of a "shadow dimension" in which they can interact with shadows. Of course, light sources in the "real" world will play a large role in how the shadow world appears.

The game is set in the 1920s and has a decidedly vaudevillian aesthetic. Players will control Dawn, the imaginary friend of a girl named Didi. Didi has family issues and sets out to make them all better. All of this is previewed in the game's launch trailer, which debuted today:

Contrast is out tomorrow as a downloadable title for PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360. It will also be out for PlayStation 3 on November 19.