Contrast Gets A Trailer Ahead Of Its PS4 Launch


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You may have heard that DriveClub will be missing the PS4 launch as it's been delayed until early 2014. You may have also heard that this throws Sony's PS Plus plans on the PS4 into disarray as it hoped to offer to a freemium version of DriveClub to members. To make up for it, Sony will now offer Contrast for free alongside Resogun at launch.

So, what is Contrast? It's a 3D/2D platformer set in the 1920s where players will navigate 3D environments as you would in any other platformer, but it has a 2D hook. The player character can become a shadow and then the game becomes a 2D platformer as the player traverses the shadows to reach new areas. It doesn't look half bad and its jazz-infused soundtrack is already sounding delightful.

To answer any more questions you may have about the game, here's a quick video of the team at Compulsion talking about the game's world, mechanics and music:

Contrast will launch November 15 with the PS4 and be available for free to all PS Plus members. The game will also be available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

[Image: PlayStation/YouTube]