Conan Tries To Bribe Harrison Ford For Star Wars Rumors


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To put it mildly, the news concerning the new Star Wars: Episode VII movie has been muted. Aside from knowing the behind-the-scenes talent, there's not much else to go. Sure, the movie blog Latino Review is doing its level best to keep the rumor mill churning, but the fact is, some have begun to act disappointed by the lack of new Star Wars news.

To further this point, the oft-rumored return of the original cast of heroes is still very much that: a rumor. Hell, even IMDB lists them as rumored additions. With that in mind, the first person to break some legitimate news about the new Star Wars movie is going to be exalted high and low, even if they had to bribe their way to the truth.

Just ask Conan O'Brien.

Recently, the talk show host had Harrison Ford on hand to promote his latest film Paranoia, and after those niceties were done, Conan got down to business by offering the man who played Han Solo a thousand dollars for some news about the upcoming movie. The results are par for the course for those who try to wrest Star Wars information out of Harrison Ford:

That doesn't sound like a person who's really excited about the idea of returning to the universe George Lucas created, but then again, Disney can write some awfully large checks. I wonder which one will win out, Ford's pride or Disney's endless supply of cash? With that in mind, do you think we'll be seeing much of Han Solo in the upcoming sequel(s)?