Conan O'Brien, Dave Franco On Tinder for Laughs

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Conan O'Brien created a profile on Tinder, using the name Chip Whitley, and calling himself a Conan O'Brien look-alike. The happily married father of two wasn't looking for a quick hook up, it seems, but rather feeling out the site for its laugh factor instead. He encouraged Dave Franco of 22 Jump Street to join his shenanigans--and he did. That likely caused Conan a bit of embarrassment, however.

You see, Dave Franco is--well, let's just say hot--and Conan O'Brien--well, um...he's not. (No offense to tall redheads.) That said, Franco got way more offers on Tinder than Conan O'Brien did. In fact, Conan's only successful match turned out to be a 74-year-old woman who dumped him once they connected online. Now that could have been beyond hilarious had she agreed to meet him in person.

Dave Franco made online connections with nine women and actually made plans to meet up and talk with one--a young woman named Courtney. Franco was completely above board with Courtney, explaining that he and Conan O'Brien were filming a spot for his TBS show. Courtney kept the secret to herself and made arrangements to meet up with the guys at her brother's house, where Conan still had no luck whatsoever meeting ladies. The fact that he was driving a brown van with a mural on its side didn't up his creepy factor any either.

If you came across profiles of someone like Conan O'Brien and someone like Dave Franco on a site that arranges hook ups--who would win out in your mind? Would you choose the tall, lanky redhead or the handsome hunk?

Conan likely learned that cold, hard truth with his experiment in comedy--but who really got the last laugh?

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