ComScore Report: Surviving the Upfronts in a Cross-Media World


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ComeScore just released a report on cross-media advertising and marketing efforts and what the matured state of online video brings to the effectiveness of a well-rounded campaign.

The report features many actionable insights for advertisers, agencies and media buyers who are considering incorporating digital video formats into their current media efforts.

Judy Bahary, SVP of Marketing Solutions at ComScore comments on the new report entitled Surviving the Upfronts in a Cross-Media World:

“With the digital upfronts in their second year, more advertisers are considering adding digital video to their media mix in long-form TV programming and short-form video,”

“Our research shows an incredible synergy between TV and digital video formats when used together in cross-media campaigns, driving effectiveness levels higher than either medium used on its own. As the online video market continues to develop, we should see it evolve from its current supporting role to an essential part of media planning in the annual upfronts.”

Key findings highlighted in the report include:

* The online video audience has reached a point of near saturation at approximately180 million monthly unique viewers, but average engagement levels are rising as it continues to play a more prominent role in the online experience.

* Adding a digital video component to a TV media plan can increase the effective reach of the campaign in a very efficient manner.

* Digital video ad formats are just as effective as TV ads. But TV and digital video have a synergistic effect when used together, making this media mix more effective than either one on its own.

* Multi-Screen consumers are a fast-growing segment and need to be marketed to on multiple screens in order for campaigns to achieve optimal reach and frequency levels.

* Younger age segments are generally more receptive to digital advertising than TV, highlighting the importance of incorporating digital video into the media buying and planning process.

The report is meant to serve as a guide for navigating the cross-media landscape of today for those in the industry. ComScore offers a complimentary download of the report on their site and you can find it by following this link .