ColdFusion 10 Updated, Complaints Arise


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Adobe released Update 13 for ColdFusion 10 earlier this month as a way to add support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. It also addressed a bug directly related to Mac OS X 10.9 by fixing the apache connector on the new operating system. As is the case with most software updates, people aren't satisfied.

Upon announcing the update, the comments were flooded with users dissatisfied that Adobe is ignoring some long standing bugs and issues. Here's a sampling:

Of all the bugs in the bug base you fix this? Not impressed, neither will my clients with platinum support who log bugs that don't get fixed.

I have been disappointed by the order of the big fixes that have been released. I know you guys are working hard but there are some outstanding issues which make CF10 unusuable for many of my clients at this point.

One user has even voiced complaints that ColdFusion 10 has yet to add support for MSSQL 2012:

Like real official support for MSSQL 2012. MSSQL has the ability to read from multiple secondary databases with the right drivers and the use of their HADR ALwaysOn feature. If you pass ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly, the MSSQL server will route it to a read only scale-out server. Microsoft and DataDirect have released the drivers to support this over a year ago. It really one of the biggest reasons to use MSSQL 2012.

Adobe's Anit Kumar issued a statement in the comments that they're still working on some of the bugs reported by users. As is the case with most large organizations, the bugs that receive the most votes get fixed first. Other users have pointed out that many of the problems commenters are having have received little to no votes from the community. It's unfortunate, but Adobe does have to put the needs of the many ahead of the few.

There's no telling when updated 14 will come out for ColdFusion 10, but it will hopefully have more fixes to satiate the demands of users.

Image via Adobe