Colbie Caillat Admits Own Insecurities, Encourages Women Everywhere to 'Try' to 'Stay True to Yourself'

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Colbie Caillat’s viral single Try makes a point of encouraging women to be themselves, but the singer found that making the video caused many of her own insecurities to rise to the surface.

"I’m used to always being Photoshopped and caked on with makeup, and when I started out with no makeup and I was just sitting there with these lights on and everyone was looking at me on the cameras, I was just all insecurities," said Caillat.

The music video, which has reached more than 17 million YouTube views since its release three weeks ago, features the 29-year-old songwriter and women from all walks of life taking off their makeup, baring their true beauty.

"I felt liberated once the video was out," Caillat told the Los Angeles Times, "and it's really affected people so positively. I’m just so happy I did it."

While performing the ballad live Sunday night at the Young Hollywood Awards show, Caillat felt an affinity with her video costars as they flashed on the screen above her.

"They were so beautiful and comfortable, standing there with a smile as they were singing with no makeup on," said Caillat. "They weren’t hiding in their own skin, they were just like, 'Yeah, this is me.'"

The encouraging singer offered some advice for women everywhere.

"It’s really hard to stay true to yourself; it’s one of the biggest challenges. Follow your gut instinct, because people are going to want you to be something you’re not," the Bubbly singer said.

"Be happy and comfortable with who you are, whoever it may be.”

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