Colbert: Daft Punk Cancellation Prompts Epic Get Lucky Dance Party

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It's that time again - StePhest Colbchella time. That magical time of year when The Colbert Report gets a bit more musical.

And what a lineup for the 2013 network TV music fest. Daft Punk! Hell yeah, Daft Punk on Colbert!

"That's right folks. French electro-pop mega-stars Daft Punk, the artist behind the hit "Get Lucky" on The Colbert Report...was something that was going to happen when we made this graphic," said Colbert on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, Daft Punk is not here."

"Here's the story, and it's a true story," said Colbert. "You see, we booked Click and Clack over here about a month ago but there was a problem. This network is owned by Viacom, which is also the owner of MTV...Well, apparently, and this is a depply guarded secret, but Daft Punk is going to make a surprise appearance on the MTV Video Music Awards - spoiler alert. Don't tell anybody, cause fun fact - nobody told me until two o'clock yesterday."

Apparently, performing on The Colbert Report prior to the VMAs would've breached a contractual obligation with MTV. Blah, blah, blah. So Colbert did what he could, and enlisted the help of a bunch of A-list celebrities to perform an epic dance number to the tune of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." Check it out:

As Colbert points out, he was probably Daft Punk'd. What better promotion for Daft Punk's upcoming VMA performance, right? MTV has yet to comment on a possible Daft Punk performance, but it looks like Colbert may have spilled the beans. I'm sure it'll be great - but I doubt it could top Colbert's "impromptu" dance session.

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