Coen Brothers to Produce New "Fargo" TV Series


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Movie moguls Joel and Ethan Coen are at it once more. But for the first time, it’s for television.

Famous for such favorites as “The Big Lebowski,” and “No Country for Old Men,” the Coens are set to produce a 10-part adaption of the acclaimed film “Fargo” with Billy Bob Thorton in the lead role of Lorne Malvo.  John Landgraf, head of the Fox network says the entertainment industry has  long since tried to reproduce the fervor of the original film to no avail.  He  anticipates the current effort will receive a ravenous reception.

“For years people have tried to adapt this award-winning gem into a TV series with no success,” he said.  This script is so good and so true to the tone of the original movie.”

The original 1996 movie won multiple Oscars and features a story about the pursuits of Marge Gunderson, a pregnant police chief from Fargo, North Dakota. While  investigating a roadway murder of a state patrolman, Gunderson happens upon another  case involving a “mysterious” kidnapping and subsequent death of a local housewife. Through a chain of events, Gunderson pursues two soulless ex-convicts only to witnesses one of them tossing his partner in crime into a wood chipper.

“The series won’t have any of the same characters as the Oscar-winning movie,” Landgraf said, “but it will tell a similar story.”

Warren LittleField and Geyer Kosniski will serve as executive producers along with Joel Coen, the original 1996 movie screenwriter. Noah Hawley, the series’ screenplay writer, will also bring his considerable expertise to bear.  A writer and novelist of such TV shows as “Bones,” and the “Unusuals,” his works  also include “The Good Father” and “The Punch.”

Set to start shooting in Canada Spring of next year, Roma Khana, President of MGM’s Television and Digital says it will be compelling to see what everyone’s unique vision will bring to bear.

“MGM Television is thrilled to be producing a fresh and exciting re-envisioning of Fargo for Fox’s television audience. With the stellar creative team lead by Noah Hawley, Joel & Ethan Coen and Warren Littlefield, we are re-imagining one of the most iconic titles from MGM's rich film library," she said.