Coachella Music Festival: OutKast Has Been Confirmed


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Back in November we reported that OutKast would be playing at this year's Coachella music festival, but many still decided not to exhale since the legendary group has been known to give false starts before.

Ever since the group's last album together "Idlewild," which was a soundtrack for their movie of the same name, members Andre 3000 and Big Boi have given fans every excuse about not making music together, aside from saying what most people feared the most, that they were officially broken up.

Which is why a tweet from Coachella organizers is probably the best Twitter message OutKast fans have ever received, since it confirmed that the group was not only back together (yeah, we're not buying the whole we're just taking a break thing) but they were in fact headlining the 15-year festival. "Share it like a Polaroid picture," wrote the the organizers along with their tweet. A reference to OutKast's 2003 song "Hey Ya!" from their critically acclaimed album, "The Speakerboxx/The Love Below."

Other Coachella acts this year include, The Replacements, Queens of the Stone Age, Kid Cudi, Arcade Fire, A$AP Ferg, The Afghan Whigs, Aloe Blacc, Bonobo, Muse, plus others, and it all starts on the weekend of April 11, in Indio, Calif. The second weekend of the event is on April 18.

It's safe to say that many fans are wondering if OutKast headlining the festival is merely a one-off performance or if it means the start of more shows and new material. Because truth be told, we love it when Big Boi and Andre release solo projects, but it's like eating a sandwich with just jelly and no peanut butter or watching a movie with the sound off. Sure you'll get some enjoyment, but you'll always know and resent the fact that something very crucial is missing.

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