Clint Eastwoods Spotted with Cute Blonde

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There's no wound that a few days can't heal. Wait is that right? In a shocking report from Celeb Dirty Laundry, 83-year-old Clint was spotted with a cute blonde named Erica Tomlinson Fisher (and crazy old man hair) who was confirmed by E! to have spent the night with him before he dropped her off at LAX.

Previous reports had painted Dina as the bad guy in the separation. Now it looks as if they have both moved on. Reportedly trouble has been brewing for about 18 months due to the flop reality show Dina insisted on filming called "Mrs. Eastwood and Company", in a failed attempt to become the new Kris Jenner.

Clint and Dina, 48, married in March 1996 and welcomed their daughter, Morgan, 9 months later. Clint was photographed without his wedding ring as he appeared alone on the red carpet at the TriBeca Film Festival in April as rumors swirled then.

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