Climate Change Could Cause Food Shortage


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For years scientists have warned of the dangers of climate change.

While most people assume that climate change is just something that happens naturally, studies have shown that the climate change that is currently taking place is actually human-induced.

Pollution and overpopulation are literally destroying the earth and climate change is a result of these problems.

The effects are obvious for scientists, but some people aren’t paying attention because they aren’t being impacted or directly affected by climate change, or so they think.

A recent study shows that climate change could cause major problems with food production within the next 20 years. Corn and wheat productions are likely to drop drastically and many other crops will likely be affected also.

"Climate change has substantially increased the prospect that crop production will fail to keep up with rising demand in the next 20 years," said NCAR scientist Claudia Tebaldi, a co-author of the study.

The study isn’t the first to find a link between climate change and food production. Earlier this year, the UN's climate panel IPCC issued their own report with similar information and findings.

"All aspects of food security are potentially affected by climate change," the report said.

Scientists believe that the study and report offer enough information to prove that climate change is affecting food production on land and sea.

As food production slows, prices will go up. The UN’s report also said that food prices could rise between three percent and 84 percent by 2050.

Do you think climate change will really affect food production and what other problems do you think it will cause?

Image via Wikimedia Commons