Cleveland Browns Go Down: Late Winner For Pittsburgh Steelers


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What is the perfect start to an NFL season?

Well let’s just say that if I wanted to know, I would probably not ask the Cleveland Browns.

Not after today.

When your punter gets his face kicked in by a guy with the last name “Brown”, you kind of have to wonder if the universe is trying to tell you something.

Perhaps that’s too harsh on the Browns, but one can't help but wonder.

Speaking of kicks to the head, it’s amazing that Antonio Brown was not ejected for what almost appeared to be a blatant jump-kick to the face of punter Spencer Lanning. Some believe he was trying to jump over Lanning, but failed in spectacular fashion.

He earned a penalty for unnecessary roughness (possibly the understatement of the entire season), but there will probably be a fine tacked onto the end of that “Karate Kid” kick.

Here’s hoping Lanning suffered no brain damage after that. Good Lord.

This much talked about play was the only exciting thing to emerge from the first half. The Steelers completely dominated the Browns, leading 27 to 3 as the half ended.

Someone must have given an epic halftime speech because the Browns emerged a more determined team, earning 24 points and bringing the game level.

With two other games headed to extra time, it looked like the Browns were on the verge of one Hell of a comeback.

But the Steelers were not having it.

A late field goal attempt by Shaun Suisham (41 yards) would prove successful, resulting in a 30 to 27 victory for the home team.

It’s hard to tell what’s worse for Browns fans: Suffering through the embarrassment that was the first half or swallowing bitter disappointment after a brilliant display of football in the second half.

If the Browns can dig deeper in future games, they may have it in them to win ugly. There are glimpses of promise, but glimpses don’t win games!

The Browns must put this game behind them and move forward.