Citizen Kane Now Available on YouTube

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Just in time for its 70th anniversary, one of the best films of all time is now available for you to stream on YouTube. Orson Welles' seminal classic Citizen Kane has joined the growing catalog of films available in YouTube's screening room,

Citizen Kane on YouTube is a 24 hour rental and it will cost you $2.99.

YouTube movies houses new releases ready to rent as well as a selection of complete films available for free. Some classic free films you can watch include Battleship Potemkin, Nosferatu and the absolutely fantastic Touch of Evil (more Orson Welles for you).

The YouTube blog post announcing the new offering mentions a series of reasons why Citizen Kane is worthy of your viewing, you know, AFI voting it #1 of all time, its influence and such. I could tell you how Citizen Kane influenced so many films that followed it, but it's probably better to let Martin Scorsese do that -

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