Cindy Crawford: Photos Of Daughter Kaia Spread Around Web

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Cindy Crawford obviously has some good genes to work with, so it's no surprise that her 13-year old daughter, Kaia, is just as gorgeous as the supermodel. But few people realized just how much of her mom's modeling talent Kaia inherited until she posted several photos on Instagram snapped by her brother Presley.

Kaia isn't new to the modeling scene; in 2012, she was chosen as the face for Young Versace, a designer fashion line for kids 12 and under. Crawford said at the time that she was so proud to see her daughter working with Donatella Versace, someone Crawford has known for years.

"I'm so thrilled that Kaia was chosen to be part of the first Young Versace campaign. I have so many fond memories of the times I spent with Gianni and Donatella. There is something so very special about the House of Versace. Being on set with my daughter watching her in front of the camera was a fantastic experience. I am so proud of her," Crawford said.

Kaia's photos have spread like wildfire around the web this week and show her in lounge mode as well as in fun shots with designer gowns.

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In vintage @roberto_cavalli

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Crawford recently posted a photo of herself that's getting quite a bit of attention; the 48-year old shared a pic of herself right after waking up as part of UNICEF'S #WakeUpCall campaign, which supports Syrian children.

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