Christy Mack Testifies In Court Against War Machine In Preliminary Hearing

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On November 14, porn star Christy Mack appeared in court to face her attacker, ex-boyfriend Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver aka War Machine. The MMA fighter reportedly sexually assaulted Mack and brutally beat her within inches of her life. War Machine allegedly smirked during Mack’s testimony, which prompted the judge to berate him. Mack was describing the incident which left her with 18 broken bones including a fractured rib, missing teeth, a broken nose, and a ruptured liver. When Mack said yes after she was asked by the prosecutor if there was sexual violence, War Machine started laughing.

The prosecution asked War Machine’s reaction to be put on record, and despite the fact that the defense objected to the request, Judge Melanie Andress-Tobiasson overruled and simply said, “I watched him laugh.” Mack also testified as to how War Machine had strangled her before and forced her to have sex. She also talked about how he threatened her and her family several times.

War Machine is currently battling 34 charges including attempted murder and kidnapping. "Throughout the entire thing, he had a knife. It was one of my kitchen steak knives...and, um, he cut my hair off with it," Mack said in her testimony. A tape of Mack’s 911 call was also played during the trial. She was reportedly fighting through tears as she listened to her screams in the recording.

Mack was with her friend and former reality star, Corey Thomas, when the incident took place. Thomas also suffered a beating at the MMA fighter’s hands. “I was looking up at the ceiling, in Christy's bathroom, thinking to myself: 'Oh my God. I can't believe I'm gonna die in Christy's bathroom,’” Thomas said in his testimony.

The next hearing will be on Thursday, November 20. War Machine has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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