Christmas Lights Set To Music: Enjoy These 7 Epic Light Shows


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Ah, Christmas lights!

How wonderful is it to ride by homes lit up in red, blue, green, or any other array of flashing lights?

But some souls aren't content to put up a string of lights around their windows and front door and call it a day.

For a few creative individuals, Christmas is the time of year for jaw-dropping Christmas light shows.

Their lights are painstakingly timed to either Christmas classics or popular modern songs.

To get a glimpse of greatness (or even some holiday inspiration), here are the ten best light shows out there.

Christmas Lights Gangnam Style

You may be more than sick of the heavily played Kpop party hit "Gangnam Style" by PSY, but it's hard to argue that it wasn't the biggest hit to come out in 2012.

And to celebrate, someone decided to set up a Christmas light show featuring the fun pop song.

Tran-Siberian Orchestra Nutcracker

This light show is so dazzling that in the video, you actually see someone stop driving so they can watch the show.

It's clear that a great deal of effort went into getting the timing right for this one.

Best Christmas Lights Show

While the title may be highly subjective, the Christmas lights are certainly impressive.

You'll definitely want to watch this one to the end!

Johnson Family Dubstep Christmas Light Show

This one comes with an adorable intro!

The Johnson family put on quite a show last Christmas, with the promise that the one planned for this year will be even more amazing.

Frozen Medley Light Show

When it comes to Frozen, the world will not "let it go". But even if you're over the Disney movie, you'll have to smile at these well-timed Christmas lights and the music.

Carol Of The Bells

Having one's Christmas lights set to Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs seem to be a very popular choice.

However, NONE managed to do it as well as this.

Keep a hand on your jaw, lest it actually hit the floor!

Believe: Konner's Christmas

This sweet video features a Christmas lights with heart. Have your tissue ready. You've been warned.

Hopefully, these Christmas lights and shows inspire you to go above and beyond with the decor.

Merry Christmas!