Christina Milian Hooked Up With Lil Wayne? Or Is This Just A Publicity Stunt?

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So, has Christina Milian hooked up with Lil Wayne? Or is this all part of a publicity stunt? Time will tell for sure, but here is what we know so far:

Within the month after Christina moved out of the home she shared with ex-fiance, Jas Prince, Christina was seen in the company of Lil Wayne at several events.  This in itself shouldn’t cause much stir since Christina is signed under Wayne’s Young Money label, and the two are working on releasing her long overdue awaited fourth album together.

Except, Christina and Lil Wayne kept each other cozy company at the BET Awards afterparty where they were also photographed leaving together. This has rekindled old rumors about their relationship being more than just work. There is even a suggestion that Lil Wayne may be among the reasons for the Christina–Jas break up.

Last Wednesday, the pair was seen holding hands at the ESPY Awards which got TMZ curious. They asked Christina point blank if she was dating Lil Wayne. The former The Voice social media correspondent responded by saying it was all business and that they “…make music together.”

She did, however, hint that it is not impossible for them to hook up. When she was further prompted to answer if she would ever date a manager or producer, she responded, “You never know..”

On the other hand, there are reports that say there really is nothing going on between the two. This is apparently all a gimmick to get Christina in the news prior to the release of her new album. Lil Wayne is said to have employed this same trick when Young Money was about to release a Nicki Minaj album a few years back. Besides, he is still supposed to be engaged to Dhea Sodano.

Again, time will tell. The only thing that is certain is they got people talking.

'Video Model': Christina Milian ft. Lil Wayne (explicit)

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