Christina Applegate Stars in Weird New Fruitwater Ad


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Christina Applegate joined her former on-screen mother this week as Katey Sagal accepted a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The two were also joined by former Married With Children co-stars Ed O'Neill and David Faustino during the ceremony.

The event was a look back at the show that propelled Applegate to stardom. Playing Kelly Bundy on Married With Children made her into an early-90s sex symbol and led to dozens of roles in movies and on TV.

In addition to her acting work, Applegate has been the face of numerous product campaigns. The most recent is for Fruitwater, a zero-calorie sparkling water beverage that comes in flavors such as watermelon punch, orange mango, and strawberry kiwi. The drink is marketed by Coca-Cola subsidiary Glacéau, the same company that markets the VitaminWater brand.

Applegate was announced as the spokesperson for Fruitwater back in July, when the actress tweeted that she was "excited for what's to come." She could not have known at the time that a bizzare ad featuring her and a a man in drag would follow.

Fruitwater this week released a new ad titled "Stolen Moments." Applegate appears in a white dress alongside a man dressed in identical garb. The man, who is large and has facial hair, is described by Applegate as the "decoy" she uses when she needs to get away and drink Fruitwater.

It is clear the man is intended to be a poor doppleganger. What is unclear is just what the ad is supposed to mean, other than simply juxtaposing Applegate's beauty with the man's plainness.

Since her Married With Children days Applegate has stayed in the public spotlight, starring in movies such as Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Mars Attacks!, and The Sweetest Thing. She also continued to appear on television in shows such as Jesse, Samantha Who?, and Friends. Most recently Applegate appeared in the high-profile sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.