Christina Applegate Helps Women Living With Cancer

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Christina Applegate is cancer-free after her double mastectomy in 2008, but she hasn't forgotten what it was like hear her doctor say that she had breast cancer.

According to ABC, she described it as incredibly lonely.

Christina Applegate is now a new face for the Stand Up to Cancer organization and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. In fact, she recently taped a new PSA for the cause.

During a behind the scenes interview at that taping she said, “I think when you get diagnosed with cancer, there’s such a sense of loneliness, but we need to know as people going through this is that you’re not alone.”

As a successful actress in her mid-30's, Christina Applegate didn't expect to add battling cancer to her busy life. However, she didn't have to go through that stressful time by herself. Luckily, she had doctors that cared enough to connect her with other women who were going through the same thing.

“Our doctors understood that we, as cancer survivors or patients, are the ones that really understand one another on a deep cellular level,” she said. “I had these three strangers in my life who I called up at any time of the night and they would be there for me and answer any questions that I have.”

Now, Christina Applegate is paying that blessing forward. She regularly talks on the phone to women who have been diagnosed or have survived breast cancer.

For her, it's a way to bring some much needed comfort to those whose lives might be crumbling around them.

“I always get really nervous right before I get on the phone, because I think that this person might need to hear something different than the girl I talked to two weeks ago,” Christina Applegate said in the interview. “But the one thing that helped me was, ‘I’m here for you,’ so that you never feel alone."

What an amazing gift she is giving to struggling women! What do you think about Christina Applegate's cause?

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