Christina Aguilera Says She Feels Sexier Than Ever


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Christina Aguilera still feels as sexy as she has ever been at the age of 32. She has been viewed as one of the most beautiful celebrities since she rose to fame in 1999 with her debut self-titled album. Since appearing in the Mickey Mouse Club as a child star, she has earned great success as a singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress. Despite saying that she does not work out every day, Aguilera has been steadily losing weight and it certainly shows.

Aguilera's most recent album "Lotus," was released on November 13, 2012. Recently, Aguilera has appeared as a coach on NBC's The Voice. She recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to talk about the upcoming season and also used the time to display her recent weight loss that she is very proud of. ABC News mentions that the singer revealed her fit physique in a low-cut black number, when she admitted to audiences everywhere that she feels better than ever.

Before appearing on Leno, she debuted her new slimmed-down physique during her time on Season 4 of The Voice in March and at a video shoot for Maxim Magazine in May. She was in control at the shoot, embracing the woman that she has become and not trying too hard to look good for anyone, having it come easy for her.

She is very proud of her new body, displaying herself in a very sexy pose on the cover of Maxim.

Despite dating her boyfriend Matt Rutler since 2010, she also gave tips on what she looks for in a partner, saying "I think effortless sexy is key. Trying to be too macho and all that stuff, that just doesn’t work for me." Well, I guess the old "be yourself" trick really works on Christina Aguilera, since she does not want someone who tries really hard to impress her. She also mentioned that trying too hard is the biggest turn off for her. She has said that getting older has only made her feel more confident about her body, and what she wants from a man. It would be nice if all women were able to feel that way, right?

In addition to all of the talk about being sexy that occurred on Leno's show, Aguilera also mentioned that there is something that takes presedence over all of that and that is her song, reports People Magazine. Her son Max is five years old and she said, "He's the joy of my life."

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