Christie Brinkley's Ex Allegedly Took "Creepy" Pics

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Christie Brinkley's ex-husband, Peter Cook, split from his wife recently and has reportedly been seen taking photos of women that verge on creeper territory.

Cook and second wife Suzanne Shaw separated after he allegedly cheated on her, and she moved out of their Hamptons home. The two married after he divorced Brinkley, whom he cheated on with his 18-year old assistant Diana Bianchi. Brinkley reportedly told Shaw that Cook wouldn't change, and that she would be there for her when the truth came out. Shaw rebuffed the offer, however.

“Suzanne stood by Peter for years, through all his battles with Christie, but he lied to her and completely misrepresented himself. She repeatedly caught him cheating,” a source said.

Now, Cook has been accused of snapping photos of young women on the street and going to extreme lengths to get them.

“Recently in Sag Harbor, Peter was driving his convertible, spotted two girls in summer attire, and did a U-turn — right in the middle of town — to take photos of the girls with his iPhone," a source told Page Six.

Cook has not responded to the allegations and his attorney, John J. Fellin, says his client was never unfaithful during his marriage to Shaw.

“The separation agreement does not mention, in any way, infidelity by Mr. Cook, and any such allegations to that end are without merit,” he said.

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