Chris Brown Is Back In Court, Rejects Plea Deal


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Chris Brown is certainly no stranger to acts of crime in his time as a popular celebrity. He has been making headlines again for his assault case that was brought about last October.

The Grammy-winning R&B singer was brought into court in Washington D.C. in relation to his assault charges that he was previously given.

During the trial, prosecutors offered the singer a plea deal in which they would bring down his misdemeanor assault charge if he plead guilty to simple assault.

Brown and his bodyguard were both arrested at the time of the assault, and he was arrested early on the morning of October 27th outside of the W Hotel in D.C.

They were arrested for getting into a fight with another man, and while they were both charged with felony assault originally, the charges were later reduced to misdemeanors.

However, Chris Brown continues to assert his innocence and was unwilling to accept the plea. TMZ reports that Mark Geragos, his lawyer, refused the deal because Geragos believes his client did nothing wrong and is waiting to see surveillance footage obtained by police of the alleged incident.

Law enforcement had surveyed the area looking for surveillance video capturing the run-in, and while they found nothing at first, they may have a video with important evidence that they have not yet turned over to Geragos.

Brown did not speak during the hearing, and it only lasted for 10 minutes. When Chris Brown was arrested in Washington D.C, he was already on probation for an attack on Rihanna in 2009, his girlfriend at the time.

As a result of the new charge, a judge in December revoked Brown’s probation in California, but the ruling didn’t alter a requirement that Brown complete rehab and community service including roadside cleanup and graffiti removal.

Chris Brown is due back in court on February 20th in order to set a tentative trial date in the case. However, Geragos said that his laywers plan to ask for him to be able to miss the hearing in Washington because he loses three days of treatment by making the trip.

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