Chris Brown, Drake Offered $1 Mil To Fight In The Ring

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Chris Brown and Drake, who had a famous knock-down-drag-out at a club earlier this month, have now been offered a cool million bucks each to get in the ring.

The purse has been offered up by billionaire Alki David, who says he'll also toss in a million to charity if the two artists agree to put on some gloves and duke it out in front of a crowd, preferably in Vegas. Celeb boxing promoter Damon Feldman has gotten involved, as well.

“Obviously they have a grudge," he said. "It’s just three 1-minute rounds. No one will get seriously hurt."

Brown and Drake were reportedly fighting over singer Rihanna, who was the victim of physical abuse at Brown's hands in 2009. In what is either a shocking display of insensitivity or lack of self-awareness, Feldman says he'd like Rihanna to be the ring-girl at the fight.

Both Brown and Drake say they weren't aware of the offer until now, so no word yet on whether they're considering it. NBA star Tony Parker may have something to say about it, since he suffered an eye injury during the melee when a bottle was thrown and is suing the club because of it.

Amanda Crum

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