Chris Brown And His Bodyguard Will Not Take Plea Deal

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Singer Chris Brown on Wednesday declined a plea deal which would have reduced the charges facing him and his bodyguard to just one simple charge.

The singer appeared before a Washington judge alongside his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy to face assault charges following an incident that took place outside the W Hotel on Oct. 2013. The 24-year-old star is accused of breaking the nose of a man who tried to take photos of him.

Since no video surveillance from the incident has been entered into the evidence bank, Brown and Hollosy’s lawyers feel they stand a better chance with the case, at least for the time being.

Both sides have agreed to meet again on Feb. 20 after their legal teams have reviewed the evidence. The time leading up to their next meeting will also give the legal teams ample time to negotiate a deal.

Brown’s attorney Danny Onorato has requested a waiver of appearance for the singer for the Feb. 20 date because Brown is currently under anger management rehabilitation after he attacked his girlfriend, Rihanna. Appearing in court will force the singer to miss 3 days of treatment, hence delaying his completion of the program.

The judge will decide whether Brown’s current charges will influence his jail term if found guilty. If convicted, Brown could face up to 180 days behind bars and a fine of not more than $1,000.

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