Chloe Grace Moretz Likes Dark Roles

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Chloe Grace Moretz is quite busy these days. So far this year, she appears in three films and has starred in an off-broadway play.

Her roles thus far have been incredibly varied, and she is so great in each persona that she has undertaken. Starting her young adult career as a potty-mouth super hero in Kick-Ass, her characters are a hodge-podge mix.

As for her latest films, Chloe Grace Moretz stars in If I Stay, which opened in August, in her first romantic leading role.

In The Equalizer, coming out this month, she plays a very different and much less romantic role as a prostitute being protected from rough pimps by Denzel Washington.

In October, Laggies comes out, starring her as a high school student who makes an unlikely companion out of Keira Knightley. Knightley plays a twenty-something dropout.

Her most relateable role? The high school student.

"On paper, I think I'm a lot like my character [in Laggies]. She's very me — dry and [a straight shooter]. I had some of the most fun I've ever had on that movie. But for some reason, I really enjoy the darker projects." Chloe Grace Moretz told the Los Angeles Times.

She continued, "I think I'm good at doing a hard character — really aggressive or nonchalant — that's easy for me. But I prefer the darker roles — things that are really messed up. My family is really normal, and I have a great life, so I feel that I need to experience these emotions that I'd never otherwise be able to experience."

Her life is definitely great now, and that's why she is going to put off college for two years to see what it's like to be able to take on acting jobs without school obligations.

However, she is a little nervous about what it will be like to go to college as a celebrity.

"I have friends who went to Brown with Emma Watson, and it's sad, because everyone is like, 'Oh, my God, I shared a pencil with her,'" she said. "They act like they don't care, but they actually really do. It's kind of a curse."

Good luck to Chloe Grace Moretz on her upcoming ventures!

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