Chipotle's New Ad "The Scarecrow" Goes Viral

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Chipotle, the popular fast-food restaurant known for their 100% use of organically-farmed meat and produce, released a new advertisement on YouTube that went viral within 48 hours. The 2-minute ad, “The Scarecrow,” is completely animated and only being aired on YouTube. In addition to the video, there is also a mobile application of the same title.

The video, in which a farmer starts his own organic food stand after self-termination at a factory farm, doesn’t even display an association to the restaurant until the final few seconds. At the very end, a Chipotle truck drives into view with the brand name emblazoned on the side.

The initial goal of the video was to promote its new mobile game. However, the controversy and attention garnered by the release of “The Scarecrow” has given the Chipotle brand multitudes of free advertising as being an ethical choice for fast-food consumers.

Fiona Apple sings a Willy Wonka tune in the background, “Pure Imagination,” and the clip ends with the slogan, “Cultivate a Better World,” on the farmer’s food stand.

Image courtesy Chipotle via YouTube.