'Child of Light' Previewed in New Gameplay Video


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Back in early September, Ubisoft announced several smaller titles that it would be publishing in the coming months. Among them was Child of Light, a 2-D side-scrolling JRPG-like game with a remarkable art style. The fact that the game is a passion project from Ubisoft Montreal developers who worked on Far Cry 3 made it all the more interesting.

Today Ubisoft has provided an even deeper look at Child of Light with a developer gameplay walkthrough video. Brianna Code, lead programmer on the game, narrates the video, which shows off many aspects of the game including its turn-based combat and skill tree upgrade system.

In Child of Light players will take on the role of Aurora, a child who embarks on a quest to take back the sun, moon, and stars from an evil queen. They will explore a world called Lemuria along with a firefly companion named Igniculus. The game's dialogue is all written in rhyme, with Code claiming that the game is "intended to be a playable poem."