Chicken And Waffle Taco Tested At Taco Bell

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Taco Bell has seen the future, and it is wrapped in a waffle and slathered in gravy.

The company has reportedly been testing a chicken-and-waffle taco at some California locations to go with their new all-day breakfast item, which is a waffle stuffed with egg and sausage. The new "taco" includes a fried chicken patty and the consumer's choice of either syrup or gravy on top.

Chicken and waffles are all the rage these days; Lay's potato chips introduced them as a potential new flavor several weeks ago (although they didn't stand up to the Cheesy Garlic Bread variety) and Popeye's recently announced a new meal that involves chicken strips dunked in waffle batter. And while Taco Bell says they aren't testing the item at this time, it might very well make a comeback depending on how well it did.

The company has made several changes to their menu in recent months, not only introducing fresher fare with their Cantina Bell menu but offering up breakfast items in select cities, including Fresno, California, Omaha, Nebraska, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Breakfast items should see a nationwide rollout within the coming months. They also nixed their kids' menu, saying that children are not their ideal market.

“It’s fairly inconsistent for an edgy, twentysomething brand to offer kids meals,” chief executive Greg Creed said. “This is about positioning the brand for Millennials.”

The company has aimed their marketing at 20-30 somethings who stay up late and invariably need a "fourth meal", so a chicken-and-waffle item seems like the perfect addition to the menu.

Amanda Crum
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