Check Out Some Gameplay From Fable Anniversary


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Microsoft certainly goes all out when it creates an HD port of one of its classic Xbox titles. It turned Halo: Combat Evolved into an almost entirely new game with its HD port, and it looks to be doing the same with Fable Anniversary this year.

In a new trailer released this week, Microsoft gives us a look at the upgraded visuals and gameplay that players will find in Fable Anniversary. While Fable Anniversary contains all the same content found in the original Fable and its Lost Chapters expansion, it improves the experience with better audio, visuals, achievements and gameplay enhancements.

Fable Anniversary is only the first game to be released in 2014 to celebrate Fable's 10 year anniversary. The team at Lionhead Studios is also hard at work on Fable Legends - a 4 player co-op RPG being developed for the Xbox One.

Image via xbox/YouTube