Check Out Some Fresh Bravely Default Gameplay


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After a year of waiting, Nintendo will finally be releasing Bravely Default on the 3DS in North America in a little under two weeks. Reviewers already have early copies and are confirming that it's one of the best JRPGs to ever hit the platform. Those of us without early access still have to wait for a few more days, but Nintendo has one more trailer to hold us over.

This afternoon, Nintendo shared an almost two minute long gameplay trailer for Bravely Default that shows off the battle mechanics players will discover. As you might already know, Bravely Default is your standard turn-based RPG. The twist it applies to turn-based battles - brave and default - is where things get interesting.

During battles, all four party members may choose to either default or brave. By defaulting, the character will enter the defend position and save their turn. You can default up to three turns and unleash all three of those turns at once for massive damage. By choosing to brave, you may use a future turn at the expense of being left vulnerable to attack the next turn.

Besides boasting a rather innovative battle system, the game also deviates from the norm by offering a slew of customization options. Battles can me made easier and less frequent as well. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even make battles more frequent.

Oh, and before you go, check out the TV ad for Bravely Default. As far as I can tell, this is the first JRPG that has been advertised on television since Dragon Quest IX:

Bravely Default will launch on February 7 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS and its stereoscopically blind cousin.

Image via Nintendo/YouTube