Charlize Theron and Sean Penn: Friends or Something More?


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In 2010, Sean Penn and Charlize Theron were linked as a couple. At the time, they were both romantically involved with others. Nevertheless, shortly after those rumors, they both ended their relationships. Penn divorced his wife of 14 years, Robin Wright. While Theron ended her relationship of ten years with Stuart Townsend. Penn was also friends with Townsend, which makes their affair even more unlikely. There is no proof for the past dating rumors, nor any proof that the rumors caused the breakups.

Now the pair has started dating rumors once more. Over the holidays, they were seen together quite a lot. Even spending time in Hawaii together in the days leading up to New Year's Day. They were spotted with some other friends having fun and happy. None of the pictures taken over their trip confirm the rumored romance.

But the rumor mill increased when they were seen together once again as they arrived back in LA. According to E! Online, though they tried not to be seen together at LAX, they clearly were returning together.

A source also told E! that they were seen several times in the days after their trip. On one outing someone saw Penn leave Theron's home early in the morning.

For friends to take a vacation together to Hawaii is not that out of the ordinary. Additionally, the fact that there are no romantic pictures of them on that trip, makes it seem more like a friends' trip than something romantic. Moreover, reports state that other friends attended the trip. On the other hand, Theron's appearance matches Penn's usual girlfriend type. This makes a romance between the pair more likely. Before you label them a couple, last year after his breakup with Scarlett Johansson, Penn said he didn't want to be "tied down." Could he have changed his mind for Theron?

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