Channing Tatum Posts Parody Tutorial Video, Learn 'The Dick Graze'

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On Sunday,  Channing Tatum posted a parody video about a new way for men to greet each other. Called “The Dick Graze,” Tatum’s tutorial video features him rapping about the move with the same name, where men are supposed to say hi to each other by lightly touching each other’s private parts in lieu of a handshake or high five.

The viral video was reportedly made to hype up the iTunes release of Tatum’s recent hit movie, 22 Jump Street, which also stars Jonah Hill. E! Online spoke about the video with Tatum at the premiere of his latest movie Foxcatcher at the 2014 Toronto Film Festival on Monday.

“It was just something fun for us to do. We were messing around on the [22 Jump Street] set in Puerto Rico. It was just crazy. I don't really have anything to tell about it other than it's very stupid,” said Tatum.

'The Dick Graze'

The video also features his co-star on 22 Jump Street, Jillian Bell. She in turn raps about the female version of “The Dick Graze,” which involves lightly touching other women’s breasts as a greeting. “Let me tell you how we say what’s up with our lady bits / I start feenin’ when I see my girl sleepin’ / ‘Cause my hand’s about to have a booby meeting!” she raps. The hilarious parody video ends with Tatum getting hurt by Bell after all the fun and games.

Tatum’s wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, has also been opening up to the press, this time about her family’s private life at home. She recently revealed in an interview on Live With Kelly And Michael that she and her husband liked walking around the house in the nude. "We don't like clothes a lot, period. Especially when you have a baby and you're breastfeeding," she said.

However, she clarified that she and Tatum weren’t “that exciting.” She added, “We don't have dance-offs and we're not naked all the time."

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