Chad Ochocinco: "Unemployed Black Guy"

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In a firestorm of rumors that began swirling between Twitter, the New Englad Patriots, and ESPN on Thursday, Chad Ochocinco was released from his team. He then tweeted about it.

Apparently the Patriots have been trying to trade Ochocinco unsuccessfully, and with no offers rolling in, they dumped him. First reports yesterday were that he showed up to practice only to leave fifteen minutes later; ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted that he simply left for a doctor's appointment. That, however, raised some eyebrows, and with good reason. Not long after, Schefter tweeted the news that OC had indeed been released.

Chad Ochocinco left Patriots complex before today's attend an eye doctor appointment. Contrary to speculation, he was not released.
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After unsuccessfully trying to trade WR Chad Ochocinco throughout the day Thursday, the Patriots are releasing him, per league source.
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Ochocinco sent out a pretty telling tweet yesterday afternoon, leaving fans to glean from it what they wanted:

My grandma said success never rewards the wrong person... You get what u give but most of us are confused about what we are giving...
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Soon after, he posted about his departure from the team:

Thoroughly enjoyed the oppurtunity to play for the "Patriot" organization... fans were fucking wicked awesome, I wish all of you the best...
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But the wide receiver doesn't seem to be taking his new unemployment status too hard. He fielded questions from fans on Twitter and accepted condolences with grace, saying he would be fine.

It's easy... I'm healthy n living life, I'll be fine RT @loganpysher: idk how @ochocinco stays so positive even when shit doesn't go his way
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He even posted a pic of himself trying to hitch a ride with his suitcase and changed his Twitter status to "Unemployed Black Guy". But something tells me Ochocinco has nothing to worry about. A free agent status means he is unrestricted, and he could use it to his great advantage.

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