CES 2014: Thermal Imaging iPhone Case Unveiled


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This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been filled with 4K (and eve 8K) displays, but real innovations have been hard to come by. FLIR Systems, however, has shown off a new type of iPhone case that, though not particularly useful, is a demonstration of just how far technology has come in the past few years.

FLIR this week unveiled its FLIR One iPhone case. The case is being marketed as a personal thermal imaging device for iPhone-owning consumers. The case slips over iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S smartphones and is capable of producing live thermal images through the use of its rear camera.

Though thermal imaging has obvious value for the military and surveillance industries, FLIR believes the technology can also have practical applications for the consumer market. The company is promoting the case as a way for consumers to improve home security and energy efficiency, as well as an inexpensive aid for wildlife enthusiasts or hunters.

“For decades, we’ve seen the possibilities of thermal imaging redefine industries that require critical awareness and heightened perception,” said Andy Teich, CEO of FLIR. “With FLIR ONE, we’re excited to extend this technology to everyday users to help them with home improvement, wildlife observation, safety, security, and to discover new ways to use thermal imaging."

FLIR claims that the FLIR One case will be the first consumer-friendly personal imager to sell under $350, though the company has not announced an official price. The case is expected to be available sometime this spring.