CES 2014: Sharp Shows Off an 8K Display


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The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is here and the buzzwords of the show are "ultra HD" and "4K." As TV manufacturers concede that 3D TV was generally a dumb idea many of them are now turning toward 4K as the next big feature to sell customers on new TVs.

This being CES, however, manufacturers are known for showing off technology that is years away from the consumer market (if it ever makes it into practical applications at all). This week Sharp is one-upping its 4K display competition and showing off what it's calling an "8K" display at CES.

Sharp's 8K display is large at 85 inches and includes technology meant to allow viewers to watch content in 3D without the use of glasses. Though the 3D technology is something Sharp has been showing off for years, this year's display has a 7680 x 4320 resolution - around 16 times the resolution of a modern 1080p HDTV. According to Sharp, the 8K display was created in part by Phillips and Dolby.

Though the 8K display undoubtedly makes a fine piece for Sharp's CES booth, consumers should not get excited about the technology just yet. Early adopters are just now jumping on the 4K bandwagon and 4K content is also slowly coming into existence. U.S. bandwidth is also a limiting factor for 8K technology, as streaming even 4K content is near-impossible in many parts of the country.

Still, 8K could come quicker than many may believe. Already 4K TV prices are set to drop amid strong competition and Netflix is poised to lead the way in 4K content with its original series.