CES 2012: Ubuntu TV Coming Soon


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Ubuntu, usually known for being the most popular implementation of the open-source Linux operating system, is getting into the TV business. Canonical, the group behind Ubuntu’s continued development, is showing off a prototype Ubuntu TV at this year's CES.

Ubuntu TV promises to simplify and streamline users’ entertainment experience, providing them with a one-stop shop for broadcast TV, cable, streaming applications, and online services. The goal is to do away with the staggering array of remotes and set-top boxes that clutter so many living rooms by integrating everything into the TV itself. Users only have one TV, and Ubuntu TV promises that they’ll only need one remote. Users will also have the option of using their smartphones or tablets as remotes.

Ubuntu TV also promises users the ability to share content between their computers and their TV, as well as between the TV and their mobile devices via the Ubuntu One cloud service. Ubunty TV will also run apps from third party developers, giving the platform tremendous growth and expansion potential.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu TV is still in the early stages of development. The version showcased at Canonical’s CES booth is apparently just a demo version. The technology looks promising, though. Look for more news in the coming months as developers and TV manufacturers get on board with Ubuntu TV. Meanwhile, check out the video below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

[Source: Canonical Blog]