CES 2012: Lifeproof Wants You To Take Your Phone Anywhere


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Lifeproof first made news with their iPhone cases several months ago. These cases are designed to be, well, life proof. An iPhone in a Lifeproof case is supposed to be able to withstand almost any amount of water, dirt, snow, and shock - pretty much anything you can throw at it. The case is so rugged that the assembly instructions actually ask buyers to assemble the case without their iPhone in it and submerge the empty case in water for half an hour in order to be sure they’ve assembled it correctly.

Today at CES Lifeproof has announced a new line of accessories for the case that will make it even easier to take your iPhone absolutely anywhere. The new Lifeproof in Motion line includes belt clips, a bike bar mount, an adapter for those with GoPro mounts, and an armband for jogging and swimming. Yes, swimming.

The accessories are available on Lifeproof’s website now. The case itself runs $79.99. And don’t worry, if you’re one of those people who has to see it to believe it (I was), they have a series of videos showing the Lifeproof case in action. The video demonstrating the case’s performance in water is embedded below, for your viewing pleasure.

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