CES 2012: Fitbit Scale Shares Your Weight With Your Friends


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Fitness technology company Fitbit has announced a new product in their lineup. Announced at CES today, the new Aria Smart Scale is a wi-fi enabled bathroom scale that can track the weights of eight separate family members, and gives you the option to upload them to the internet. The scale pairs with the Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker to help you get an overall picture of your health and activity level. You can track the data collected by the Aria and by the activity tracker on Fitbit’s website, or with one of Fitbit’s smartphone apps - iOS or Android.

Of course, Fitbit is aware that weight isn’t necessarily something you want to broadcast across the internet, so the wi-fi sharing feature is turned off by default. Enabling it, though, gives you access to a variety of rewards, and the chance to compete with friends who are also trying to lose weight.

The scale ships in March, and is priced at $129.99.

[Source: Mashable]