CES 2012: Boxee Gets A Facebook App


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At CES today Boxee announced the launch of a new Facebook app that will allow users to post their viewing choices to their Facebook Timeline. After two minutes of viewing, Boxee publishes what you’re watching to Facebook, where it shows up on the Timeline, in the ticker, and in the news feed.

With this app Boxee combines two popular services that have been separate until now. Devices - Roku and Apple TV, most notably - offer a similar array of internet streaming options, and services like GetGlue allow you to share what you’re watching with your friends. Boxee’s Facebook app, though, marks the first time these two activities have been integrated. While GetGlue provides a “second screen” experience for users who want to share their viewing preferences, Boxee now allows them to do so in one smooth process.

Here’s a video from Boxee’s blog showing how the posts will show up on Facebook. Friends who click the links Boxee posts will be taken to a page giving more information about the show you’re watching.

Boxee Facebook Live TV Integration from boxee on Vimeo.

It is unclear whether this will work with all video viewing on Boxee, or just their new Live TV device (set to ship later this month). The Live TV serves as a bridge between users’ HD antenna or cable box, and lets them watch live broadcast content through their Boxee box. Boxee’s announcement on the Facebook app only mentions it working with Live TV, suggesting it may not work with ordinary streaming content. Several commenters on the blog post asked whether the app would post the content they stream via the internet, but have not yet received a response. An email sent to Boxee PR along those lines has also not been answered.

Of course, Boxee is aware of privacy concerns regarding Facebook, and has made the sharing feature opt-in, meaning that it is turned off by default, and users have the choice of whether to enable it.

[Source: Boxee Blog]