CES 2012: A Cellphone Powered By A Single AA Battery


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Phones today use rechargeable batteries, but SpareOne is bringing back the good ol’ AA.

At CES, XPAL Power revealed the SpareOne cell phone that can run for up to 15 years on standby mode. It does through XPAL Power’s patented battery technology. The phone will be mostly reserved for emergencies and allows the user to pre-program important phone numbers for easy access to visitor, travel and emergency services.

“SpareOne’s breakthrough technology provides an unprecedented lifeline during dire situations that require an emergency response,” Alan Cymberknoh, SpareOne Project Director at XPAL Power, said. “By operating on a single AA battery, SpareOne solves so many daily issues, serving as a simple back-up phone you can carry without worrying whether it’s charged or not. It can be left in a car for emergencies, used by hotels who want to pre-program concierge numbers for guests, passed to your children or parents to maintain an open line of communication – it’s essentially designed to make and receive the most important calls, no matter what.”

SpareOne is a dual band GSM cell phone that offers 10 hours of talktime and the aforementioned 15 years if left unused. The device will use pre-paid minutes.

The phone can be used for emergencies with a built-in emergency flashlight and the ability to automatically transmit its location via the cell ID. People in the travel industry can offer the phone to customers as an alternative to the in-room phone for calls and pre-program them with numbers to local attractions such as restaurants and theaters.

Corporations can customize bundle packages to encourage employees to buy a smartphone and receive a SpareOne for free. SpareOne will also offer options to brand and customize designs and colors for special events and occasions.

Lastly, parents can give a SpareOne to their children to keep in touch with their families. In the same vein, outdoor enthusiasts can keep in contact with civilization in the case of an emergency. As long as there is cell phone coverage, SpareOne can make calls.

SpareOne will come equipped with an Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA battery and a Micro SIM card when it launches in Q1 2012 for $49.99.