CBS Launches New 24-hour Online News Channel

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CBS is taking another step into the streaming arena.

Today, the network is launching a 24/7 streaming news channel. Broadcast on its website, as well as a handful of its apps and other streaming devices, the new online-only channel is called CBSN. And in a rather ambitious move, CBS says that it will offer live, anchored news from 9am to midnight every single weekday.

“CBSN is an important example of how CBS is able to leverage the unique strengths, talent and competitive advantages of its businesses to create exciting, highly competitive new services that meet evolving audience preferences for content consumption,” said Leslie Moonves, President and CEO, CBS Corporation. “There’s a tremendous opportunity on these platforms for a true round-the-clock newscast. We’re confident this service will appeal to both traditional news consumers and a whole new set of viewers.”

If you go to CBSN right now, you'll see live coverage with a sidebar on the left-hand side. This sidebar allows viewers to jump around the different stories of the past hour. CBS touts this at a "DVR-like" feature. At any time you can just go back to the live story.

CBS says the new online station will also offer breaking news simulcasts and "additional content from a range of CBS sources including CBS News, CBS affiliate stations, CNET,, Entertainment Tonight and more."

This is CBS's second move toward cord-cutting in recent history. Just a few weeks ago, CBS launched All Access, its very own streaming platform.

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