Cava-poo-chon - The Perfect Christmas Puppy?


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Are you in the market for a puppy for Christmas? Looking for something adorable that doesn't shed and is great with kids? Look no further, the new dog breed known as the Cava-poo-chon may be the perfect puppy for your family. This cute and hypoallergenic pooch was created by breeders in Arizona and although it is not recognized as an official breed by the American Kennel Club, these pups have captured the hearts of pet owners everywhere.

So what makes the Cava-poo-chon so appealing? Well to start with, it has an adorable face that never seems to age, giving the illusion that it is always a puppy. It's small size and energetic personality also support this illusion. The dogs are also hypoallergenic which means they do not shed and are less likely to cause allergies.


While everyone seems to love the Cava-poo-chon, some people believe that creating a new dog breed is not necessarily a good thing and simply a gimmick used by breeders to sell more dogs.

"There's always been a market for these forever-ish young dogs," said veteran dog trainer Steve Haynes. "Until recently, specialized dogs like miniature Yorkies and miniature Maltese were the go-to dogs."

Cava-poo-chon owners believe otherwise and many are confident that the breed is the perfect dog for everyone. The cava-poo-chon is a cavalier King Charles spaniel and bichon frise mix bred with a miniature poodle. They are known to be smart, obedient and of course, adorable.
Do you think creating dog breeds to get a desired look is right or is it just another way for breeders to make money? Either way, how can you resist the sweet face of a Cava-poo-chon puppy?

Image from YouTube.