Catherine Zeta-Jones: British Goddess Takes China by Storm


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China may be the most populous country in the world. It may have the largest bridges, the biggest military, and the longest wall to fend off Mongolian warlords.

But this weekend in China, Catherine Zeta-Jones showed us why Britannia still rules the world when it comes to charm, elegance and beauty.

The glowing 43 year old British love goddess stunned the global media as she attended two red-carpet functions back-to-back in the port city of Qingdao.

She graced the opening events to celebrate the opening of the enormous $8-billion+ motion picture city, Oriental Movie Metropolis on the shores of East China Sea.

Trumpeted as China's gauntlet to Hollywood, the Oriental Movie Metropolis may be the single largest investment Chinese establishment has made to ordain its cultural hegemony on the hearts and minds across the globe.

The star of such Hollywood hits as The Mask of Zorro, Traffic, and the musical Chicago with Richard Gere, Zeta Jones gave no hints of anguish due to her separation from the aging, sulking and exhausted Hollywood husband, Michael Douglas.

The famous actress wore a long, floor length pale blue-green gown with exotic red patterns while carrying a red clutch purse. Her second dress for the event was a strapless shiny dark blue-green satin gown which accentuated her hour glass figure, delicate neck and chiseled shoulders.

Her jewellery choice leaned towards minimalism with exquisitely crafted drop earrings gracing her neck and jaw line.

Needless to say, the local crowds were smitten by Catherine's beauty and style, and deeply appreciative of her decision to wear red, as this color is associated with good luck in China.

The petite beauty was joined by other Hollywood names such as the controversial John Travolta and blue-eyed redhead Nicole Kidman at the invitation of China's richest Billionaire, property developer Wang Jianlin, 58, founder of Dalian Wanda Group.

As Michael Douglas struggles with drinking, sexually transmitted diseases and oral cancer, his children Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10 are likely better off with mom Zeta-Jones, who can always find a better suitor, given her unsurpassed elegance and allure.

So is the Hollywood era over and is this the dawn of the new Chinese Superpower? Only time will tell, but meanwhile, let us bask in the radiant charm of the goddess from Britannia, on whose beauty the sun never sets.

[images from Facebook]