Cybersecurity - Image by Pete Linforth
US Agencies Request the Most User Data From Big Tech, Apple Complies the Most

Americans concerned about their user data falling into the hands of foreign governments may want to look closer to home.

Cloud Computing - Image by Pete Linforth
One-Third of Organizations Struggle With Data Loss Prevention Systems

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has bad news for the industry, saying that nearly one-third of organizations struggle with data loss prevention (DLP) systems.

President Biden On Supply Chain Executive Order
Biden Administration Prepares to Regulate Cloud Security

The Biden Administration is preparing to regulate cloud security, viewing the industry as too great a security risk to ignore.

London Parliament - Image by Adam Derewecki
WhatsApp and Signal Poised to Leave UK Over Encryption Law

United Kingdom users may be out of luck when it comes to messaging clients, with both WhatsApp and Signal prepared to leave.

White House
National Cyber Strategy Puts Cybersecurity Burden on Big Tech

The White House unveiled its National Cyber Strategy, shifting the burden of providing security from individuals to Big Tech.

Google Cloud Office Building
Google Cloud May Be Vulnerable to Unnoticed Data Theft

Google Cloud may be more vulnerable than its competitors to unnoticed data theft, thanks to logs that are not as helpful as they should be.

Google Workspace
Google Workspace Finishes Client-Side Encryption Rollout

Google has taken a major step toward improving privacy and security for Workspace users, rolling out client-side encryption (CSE).

GoDaddy Logo - Credit
GoDaddy Suffered Multi-Year Breach, Malware Installed On Servers

GoDaddy has informed customers it suffered a multi-year breach, one that involved hackers installing malware on its servers.

Microsoft SaaS Security - Credit Microsoft
Microsoft Is Working on Comprehensive SaaS Security

Microsoft is working to improve SaaS security, shifting to “to a comprehensive SaaS security solution.”

Cybersecurity Action Team - Credit Google
Google Cloud & Health-ISAC Partner to Bolster Healthcare Cybersecurity

Google Cloud and Health-ISAC have announced a partnership aimed at helping the healthcare industry bolster cybersecurity.

Red Hat Signs Partnership to Bring RHEL to Oracle Cloud

Red Hat has signed a major partnership with Oracle to bring Red Hat Enterprise Linux to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Gmail Integrated View - Credit Google
Google Expands Access to End-to-End Encryption in Gmail

Google is rolling out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Gmail, expanding access to the beta for eligible customers.

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Bans Crypto Mining On Its Cloud Platform

Microsoft has updated its Universal License Terms for Online Services to prohibit crypto mining on its cloud platform.

Dropbox and Boxcryptor - Credit Dropbox
Dropbox Acquiring Boxcyptor Assets to Enable End-to-End Encryption

Dropbox has announced a deal to acquire assets from Boxcryptor in an effort to bring end-to-end encryption to its service.

Rackspace Multicloud
Rackspace Hosted Exchange Hit by ‘Security Incident’

Rackspace is dealing with a “security incident” involving its Hosted Exchange service, prompting the company to shut the service down.

AWS Cloud Computing
AWS Unveils ‘AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge’

AWS is unveiling its latest initiative designed to help it remain the cloud leader: the AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge.

Cloudflare Launches Adaptive DDoS Protection

Cloudflare has launched its latest weapon in the war to protect the internet from bad actors: Adaptive DDoS Protection.

Twitter Screen - Image by Photo Mix
Twitter Whistleblower Lends Weight to Elon Musk’s Claims

Peiter Zatko, who served as Twitter’s head of cybersecurity, has filed a complaint with federal agencies and bolstered Elon Musk’s claims.

Google Cloud Office Building
Google Cloud Blocked the Largest Ever DDoS Attack

Google Cloud has blocked the largest ever DDoS, one that hit peaked at 46 million requests per second (rps).

Cloud Computing - Image by Tumisu
ServiceNow CEO Says Cloud Computing Is Century’s ‘Pervasive Computing Theme’

ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott has called cloud computing the “pervasive computing theme of the 21st century.”