Walmart and Nuro Partner For Autonomous Grocery Delivery in Texas

Walmart and Nuro have partnered to bring driverless grocery delivery to Houston, Texas, according to…

StreetScooter Van
DHL Slated to Debut Electric Delivery Van in U.S. Next Year

Reuters is reporting that German logistics company DHL is planning on debuting an all-electric delivery…

Tesla Cybertruck
Gamblers Betting on F-150/Tesla Cybertruck Tug-of-War Rematch

Tesla made headlines with its debut of the Cybertruck, a futuristic-looking electric pickup truck. Tesla is…

Waymo Technolgy Now Powering Driverless Rides, Trucking, and Delivery - Dan Chu, Waymo
Waymo Technology Now Powering Driverless Rides, Trucking, and Delivery

We have ride-hailing, long-haul trucking, and then delivery as well. We’re also interested in personally owned cars. We’re very excited about the long haul trucking opportunity. We’ve already done a pilot with Google shipping some of their datacenter parts in Atlanta.

Ford Proves the Power of Its All-Electric F-150 Truck By Pulling Train!
Ford Proves the Power of All-Electric F-150 Truck By Pulling Train!

Ford Motor Company released a video of its F-150 All-Electric Truck prototype to allay any fears from truck owners that the electric version would be the weak sister in the F-150 family. They attached 1,000-foot freight train to the back of the electric pickup, weighing over 1 million pounds, and easily towed it 1,000 feet down the track.

5G is Designed So That Industries Can Use Cellular at Massive Scale, Says Qualcomm CEO

5G is really designed so that other industries such as automotive, self-driving cars, connected healthcare, connected education, connected infrastructure, are really set up to use cellular for the first time at massive scale, says Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf.

Lilium eVTOL Jets Aim To Be First To Offer Ride-Sharing Autonomous Flights

Lilium is a company whose vision is to enable a world where anyone can fly, anywhere anytime, according to Lilium’s Head of Program Management, Andrew Welling. “We’re doing that via an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) jets,” he says. “By 2025, we hope that everyone will be able to order one of our Jets at the push of a button.”

Electric Vehicles Are Going Mainstream, Says EVgo CEO

“The car companies have announced $300 billion that they’re investing in making EVs,” says Zoi. “There are going to be 160 new models over the next few years. This is going from crazy boutiques mall to mainstream and consumers are going to love it.”

Tesla is Not Really a Luxury Car, Says Lucid Motors CTO

If you look at Tesla they’re high-tech, they’re beautifully engineered, they’re very disruptive, and they’re premium price, but you only have to get inside a Tesla to recognize it’s not a really a luxury car, says Peter Rawlinson, CTO of Lucid Motors. “It’s a premium car but not true luxury.”

Vehicles of the Future – So Intelligent They Could Drive Themselves, Says Ford CEO

This is the year that many of the technological innovations that Ford has been working on will start to come out. Ford CEO Jim Hackett says that the vehicles of the future will be so intelligent that they could drive themselves.