Huawei 5G
Huawei Receives A 90-Day License Extension

Reuters is reporting that Huawei has received a 90-day license extension from the Trump administration…

Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom Continuing With Multi-Vendor Equipment Approach

According to Reuters, Deutsche Telekom is not wavering in its approach to purchasing telecom equipment,…

Huawei 5G
Merkel Resists Calls to Ban Huawei, But Advocates For Higher 5G Security

Huawei dodged another bullet in its efforts to become the dominant 5G equipment provider, with…

Shanghai City
China Moving Toward Stronger Intellectual Property Protections

CNN is reporting that China is investigating stronger measures to protect intellectual property rights. Intellectual…

Big Tech Won’t Build Products That Are Part of the Kill Chain, Says Anduril Founder Palmer Luckey
Big Tech Won’t Build Products That Are Part of the Kill Chain, Says Anduril Founder

I don’t think that Microsoft, Amazon, or any of these big tech companies are going to go all-in and say we are going to build products that are going to be controversial, part of the kill chain, and designed specifically for DoD, says the founder of Oculus VR and Anduril, Palmer Luckey.

Hillside Cellular Tower
Not So Fast: Huawei May Not Qualify to Participate In German 5G Market

Germany made headlines a few weeks ago when it released its ‘security catalog,’ a set…

China 5G
China Unveils 5G Network Faster Than Anticipated

China has succeeded in beating estimates, rolling out one of the world’s largest 5G networks…

Cisco Chuck Robbins
Cisco CEO Says 5G Networks Could Be Active In 2 to 3 Years

“The carriers today are building the consumer 5G networks, and they don’t require a massive…

Artificial Intelligence
U.S. Government Investing in AI Research

The U.S. has been at the head of AI research since its inception but, in…

Cyber Security
Five Eyes Sign Intelligence Agreement to Target China

The Five Eyes gained worldwide attention and notoriety in the wake of the Snowden revelations.…