Walmart Now Delivering Groceries Directly Into The Fridge - Walmart Ecommerce CEO Marc Lore
Walmart Now Delivering Groceries Directly Into The Fridge

“We’ve got 4,700 stores within ten miles of 90 percent of the US population,” says Walmart Ecommerce CEO Marc Lore. “We’ve started doing pickup a couple of years back and now same-day delivery to the door. We decided to take it a step further and actually deliver it directly into customers fridges and so far so good.”

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: We Need To Have Billion Dollar Scale Failures
Jeff Bezos: We Need To Have Billion Dollar Scale Failures

“At Amazon, we still take risks all the time,” says Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. “Our failures have to grow with the company. We need big failures if we are going to be moving the needle. We need to have billion dollar scale failures. If we are not, we are not swinging hard enough.”

Long-Term Goal With Alexa Is To Invent the Star Trek Computer, Says Amazon SVP

“The long-term goal (with Alexa) was to try to invent the Star Trek computer,” says David Limp, Amazon’s SVP of devices and services. “I grew up watching Roddenberry and loved it. We all loved watching it and the science had moved up enough where we thought we had a shot at it.”

Everything Can Be Digital At The End Of The Day, Says Wingstop CEO Charles Morrison
Everything Can Be Digital At The End Of The Day, Says Wingstop CEO

“Everything can be digital at the end of the day,” says Wingstop CEO Charles Morrison. “We still take a lot of phone orders and a lot of people still walk. So every time somebody accesses us we want the opportunity to digitize that transaction.”

Imran Khan, co-founder and CEO of Verishop
Verishop CEO On Competing With Amazon: “It’s Not a Zero Sum Game”

“The market narrative is always it’s a zero-sum game,” says Imran Khan, co-founder and CEO of Verishop, a new Amazon competitor launching soon. “You are coming in and it’s Verishop versus Amazon or Snap versus Facebook. Not one company will take everything. It’s just impossible for one company to solve every problem.”

We’re Enabling a New Era of Hospitality, Says Toast CEO

“We’re enabling what we call this new era of hospitality,” says Toast CEO Chris Comparato. “We’re investing heavily in R&D. This is a massive opportunity and the restaurant community is a massive market. The market is untapped and we’re in the early days of a major transformation across the entire industry.”

Building the Target of the Future

“We dropped back several years ago and started thinking about building the target of the future,” says Target CEO Brian Cornell. “It really started with an investment in understanding the consumer and really understanding what they were looking for and how to build the capabilities.”

We Want To Make It Easier For People To Go From Inspiration To Purchase, Says Pinterest CEO

“I don’t know about social commerce overall but I definitely know that our users often want to buy the things they find on Pinterest,” said Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann while discussing going public on the NYSE. “We just want to make it easier for them to go from that inspiration all the way to reality, which in this case would be a purchase.”

AI: The Secret To Sustainable Supply Chains?

From open lines of communication to central intelligence systems, as the pressure in the shipping and logistics departments mounts, retailers have more to focus on than just creating quality goods and services. Artificial intelligence is changing the game for sustainability in supply chains.

Technology and Innovation Powering Levi Strauss Growth Strategy, Says CEO

Levi Strauss began trading on the New York Stock Exchange this morning under the ticker symbol ‘LEVI.’ By mid-afternoon, the stock was at $22.66, substantially higher than the price offered to institutional investors. It’s clear that investors believe that Levi’s can leverage technology and innovation to successfully compete online and in brick and mortar stores.