'Catch Me If U Can, Muthasuckas': Police Arrest Man Minutes After He Taunts Them on Facebook

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If you're wanted by the Rosenberg, Texas police department, it's probably best to stay away from their Facebook page - especially if you're planning on playing "catch me if you can."

In response to over a dozen reports of auto burglaries in the Seabourne Meadows subdivision, the Rosenberg Police Department posted a graphic (as they tend to do...a lot) identifying two suspects - brothers. One was already in custody, but the other was still at large.

Soon after, the at-large suspect, Rolando Lozano, taunted police in a comment on the post.

"Fuck all yall hoes, im innocent, catch me if u can muthasuckas," it read.

A few minutes later, Lozano was arrested.

"Rolando Lozano...we caught you five minutes after you posted this... Thank you to the community for your help!!!" said police.

They later shared another image of Lozano being apprehended. "Request granted," they posted. Seriously, this police department is winning Facebook.

According to the Rosenberg PD, Lozano was hiding out as a family member's house. And to put a cherry on top, police found that someone else living in the house also had an outstanding warrant.

Law enforcement in the digital age, man. The funny thing is - this has happened before. More than once.

Image via Rosenberg PD, Facebook

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