Casey Anthony Items For Sale On Murderabilia Website


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Have you ever wondered where you can buy items that were previously owned by serial killers? Well, look no further.

Eric Holler, owner of, has made a living selling "murderabilia". Holler has items from Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, David Berkowitz, and now a whole section on Casey Anthony, the woman who was acquitted of murdering her young daughter. Holler's selection includes clothing from Anthony, and several of her purses. However, don't think that you will be able to purchase these items cheap...each item is selling for $800.

Apparently, Anthony's parents held a garage sale to help pay for Anthony's $800,000 debt back in June 2013. Christian Werner, a local resident, stopped at the garage sale and purchased several items, which she then sold to the website. Werner made sure to videotape her purchase so she could prove their authenticity.


“I drove by and noticed the house looked familiar to me. I had seen this house before," Werner said. "I got close and noticed that the people outside really looked like George and Cindy Anthony. It was the home of Caylee Anthony’s grandparents. When I pulled up, they were taking tarps off the yard sale items that were covered due to the rain," she continued. "I immediately noticed the two white canopies over the yard sale tables because they looked like the tents used in the search for Caylee.”


So, why did Holler choose a profession selling murderer's items? He says that he is "catering to supply and demand." “I’m in this business to make a profit, like any other entrepreneur," he said. "I know there is a demand for items I sell.” However, Holler does have some sort of a conscience...he refused to sell Caylee's items because that would be "crossing the line."

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